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Fab-Pak® Cobot Cart

The Industrial-Grade Welding Cobot With the Mobile Advantage

Made by the world leader in welding manufacturing, the Fab-Pak®  Cobot Cart gives manufacturers of all sizes – and even those brand new to robotic automation – a safer and more easily-programmable solution for reducing operating costs and cycle times.

Compared to traditional robotic workstations and other collaborative robots, this industrial-grade welding cobot can be configured for standard MIG and twin-wire welding on steel and aluminum with touch-sense technology, weaving and seam-tracking capabilities. 

The Fab-Pak Cobot Cart can be moved to the part you need to weld quickly and easily, all while safely operating in tandem with your production staff. When skilled welders are hard to find and fixed welding cells just won’t do, the Fab-Pak Cobot Cart delivers a level of quality, consistency and flexibility you can count on again and again.


Extra safety features – Power and force limiting sensors, speed and separation monitoring with soft impact design and sensing technology

Easy to program –  Minimal tech-savviness required makes training
and learning how to use simple and straightforward

Adaptable to your needs – Easy to re-deploy anywhere you need it on high-mix, low-volumes of dedicated parts saving you valuable floor space

  • Allows robot and human to perform tasks simultaneously in a safeguarded workspace
  • Ideal for lower-volume production runs with a higher mix of part sizes and design features
  • Adaptable and easily re-deployable
  • Safer, user-friendly features include power and force limiting sensors, speed and separation monitoring and soft impact design and sensing technology
  • Smaller footprint provides greater flexibility and more opportunities to automate tasks
  • Low programming expertise required
  • Includes:
    • iRVision
    • Lead-Through Teach
    • Multi-Pass Welding
    • Seam Tracking
    • Torch Angle Control
    • Touch Sensing
    • Thru-Arc Seam Tracking (TAST)
    • Aux Axis Support (NOTE Aux Axis is NOT Collaborative)

Capabilities/Configurations Include:

  • MIG welding on steel and aluminum
  • Twin-wire, heavy deposition welding
  • Weaving and seam-tracking
  • Touch-sense technology



Table Size 

30 X 20 in. [76 x 50 mm] 

Arm Reach

 28 in. [717 mm]

Cart Weight 

 1350 lb. [613 kg]


  • Power Wave®  R450 power source: provides fast travel speeds, low spatter, superior gap bridging & excellent penetration.
  • AutoDrive® wire feeder: best-in-class feeder system for up to .045″ wire.
  • Magnum® PRO robotic torch: consistent high-performing arc, available for a variety of wire sizes and bends. Air-cooled welding rated at 550A at 100% duty cycle.
  • FANUC CR-7iA collaborative arc welding robot arm: 
  • Heavy-duty caster system 
  • Integrated gas tank stand 
  • Kickstand cart stabilizer
  • Hand Guidance Unit (optional) 
  • CR-15iA with XL Force Sensor 

Flex Cart Options: 

Modular Tooling Inserts

  • Direct-mount modular tooling plate for easy build-up and tear-down of tooling
  • ∅5/8 holes x 2″ grid pattern
  • Use with existing tooling or clamp and block kit

Modular Clamp & Block Kit

  • All-in-one modular fixturing kits complete with reusable clamps, blocks, angles, stops, bolts, etc.
  • Design assistance available

Fume Extraction

  • Integrated fume control with large surface area coverage
  • Adjustable extraction hose to flex with your parts

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