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Fab-Pak® Cobot Wright

The Industrial-Grade Welding Cobot With Tried and True Adaptability

The Fab-Pak® Cobot Wright makes optimizing workflow for maximum productivity a practical objective for fabricators in high-mix, low-volume applications. With this industrial-grade welding cobot, you can reduce tedious, repetitive stress-inducing tasks and give workers more time to focus where their talents are needed the most, all within the same workspace.

Manufacturers can choose to have a system configured for standard MIG welding or Lincoln Electric’s heavy deposition HyperFill® twin-wire welding solution. All systems come equipped with FANUC’s standard ArcTool application software and support advanced features such as weaving, seam-tracking, thru-arm seam-tracking and multi-pass.

Safety Features – Power and force limiting sensors, speed and separation monitoring improves safety

Easy Programming – Simple to use even for those with little or no robotic experience

High Precision – Robotic motion within .02 mm ensures high repeatability and reliability

Save Space – Absence of traditional fencing requirements saves critical floor space

  • Ideal for lower-volume production runs and parts that are too large to fit in a traditional robotic welding cell
  • Allows robot and human to perform tasks simultaneously in the same safeguarded workspace
  • Speed and separation monitoring and power and force limiting sensors stop the robot if forces exceed limit levels for added safety
  • Adaptable and easily re-deployable for fast part changeovers
  • Smaller footprint provides greater flexibility and more opportunities to automate part welding
  • Programming features make it easy to train employees with little to no robotic experience
  • Less costs compared to traditional robotic cells, which require fencing, take up more space on the shop floor and may require more training to operate

Watch the Fab-Pak Cobot Wright Quick Hit Overview:


Watch the Fab-Pak Cobot Wright Product Overview:


Fab-Pak Cobot Wright – Aluminum MIG

  • Power Wave® R450 power source
  • FANUC CR-15iA collaborative arc welding robot arm
  • AutoDrive® wire feeder
  • Aluminum Servo Torch
  • Water Cooler
  • Palletized Base


Fab-Pak Cobot Wright – HyperFill*

  • Power Wave® S700 power source
  • FANUC CR-15iA collaborative arc welding robot arm
  • AutoDrive® wire feeder
  • Magnum PRO HyperFill robotic welding gun
  • Cool Wave® 20 water cooler
  • Palletized Base
  • Must Purchase and Use Lincoln Electric Wire


Fab-Pak Cobot Wright – Steel MIG

  • Power Wave® R450 power source
  • FANUC CR-15iA collaborative arc welding robot arm
  • AutoDrive® wire feeder
  • Magnum® PRO thru-arm air cooled robotic welding gun
  • Palletized Base
  • Must purchase and use Lincoln Electric Wire



  • Hand Guidance Unit
  • Manual and Automatic** Positioners Modular Fixturing Tables
  • Modular Clamp & Block Kit Headstock Positioners (Aux)
  • Modular Fixturing Tables
  • Fume Extraction
  • Power Disconnect


*Specialized Waveform Activation Capability with Power Wave® and PIPEFAB™ Systems

Your purchase of a Lincoln Power Wave or PIPEFAB Welding System comes with (i) a license to use Lincoln Electric standard Power Wave / PIPEFAB waveforms, and (ii) specialized waveform capability, which requires a separate license. Without the separate license, the specialized waveforms are not available for use on these machines, and only the standard Power Wave / PIPEFAB waveforms are usable.

** Automatic positioners require additional safety mechanisms

System Dimensions
108 x 74 x 95 in
[2743.2 x 1879 x 2413 mm]

System Weight
3196.7 lb
[1450 kg]

± .0008 in
[.02 mm]

Arm Reach
56 in
[1441 mm]

33 lb
[15 kg]


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