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Fab-Pak® FW

Ferris Wheel System

The Fab-Pak® FW robotic welding cell is designed to dramatically improve part production productivity, quality and safety. This two-zone automated welding system features headstocks in each zone for part reorientation and a Ferris Wheel positioner that can rotate 180 degrees for a single load/unload access point.

This pre-engineered robotic automated welding cell is ideal for manufacturing operations requiring precision welds on large parts. The Ferris Wheel utilizes the flexibility of reorientation and is optimized to maximize the work envelope of the robot while limiting valuable floor space and the high costs associated with manual labor.

  • Improve part productivity, quality and safety
  • Two-zone system with headstocks in each zone for part reorientation
  • Rotate 180 degrees to allow single load/unload access point
  • Designed to weld large-sized parts using the flexibility of reorientation
  • Available in a variety of standard configurations to meet unique manufacturing needs

Examples of Manufactured Parts:

  • Tube/Pipe Assemblies: kingpins, boom arms, lifting booms, pipe connections, door/window frames
  • Automotive parts: axles
  • Agricultural Equipment: lawn mower decks, augers, tractor frames
  • Construction Equipment: telehandler parts, skid steers, axles
  • Miscellaneous: grills, storage racking

Watch the Fab-Pak® Ferris Wheel System 360-Degree Overview:

SWEEP: 39 – 59 in (1000 – 1500 mm)
SPAN: 39 – 118 in (1000 – 3000 mm)
CAPACITY PER SIDE: 1650 – 3307 lb (750 – 1500 kg)
OVERALL FOOTPRINT (W X D): 144-244 x 181-193 in (3654-5686 x 4606-4906 mm)
OVERALL SYSTEM WEIGHT: 7000 lb (3175 kg)
  •  Power Wave® power source
  • AutoDrive® wire feeder
  • Magnum® PRO robotic torch
  • Ferris Wheel positioner
  • Welding robot
  • Robot basic software package
  • Wire mesh panels with weld curtains
  • Push button control
  • Training (3 days)


  • Fume extraction hood and system
  • Tooling
  • Additional robot arm
  • Fab-Pak® Cell Control
  • Robotic torch cleaning station
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