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HyperFill® Fab-Pak®

Twin-Wire Robotic Welding System

The HyperFill® Fab-Pak® robotic welding system is built to maximize deposition rates and is ideal for a manufacturing operation that handles heavy-sized parts. With a twin-wire torch that delivers a wider, smoother arc cone, it’s possible to obtain higher levels of quality, consistency and safety with this pre-engineered robotic welding system.

Redefining high deposition welding with a twin-wire design, the HyperFill Fab-Pak robotic welding solution allows for deposition rates of 24 lbs/hr (18 lbs/hr semiautomatic) for maximum productivity.


Low system complexity – Complete robotic welding cell powered by a single power source. Fed through a single wire feeder and a single contact tip.

Improved weld quality – Stable arc for large weld puddles

Maximize productivity – Increase deposition rates over single wire robotic applications

  • Maximizes deposition rates and productivity
  • Ideal for welding medium- to large-sized parts
  • Minimal installation and low system complexity
  • Better consistency compared to manual HyperFill applications
  • Increases weld quality and safety
  • Comes shipped completely assembled

Examples of Manufactured Parts:

  • Heavy tooling and manufacturing parts
  • Large transportation parts
  • Agricultural machines and tools

HyperFill Fab-Pak (fixed-headstock; single station):

SWEEP: 39 – 59 in (1000 – 1500 mm)
SPAN: 78 – 197 in (2000 – 5000 mm)
CAPACITY PER SIDE: 2204 – 3307 lb (1000 – 1500 kg)
OVERALL FOOTPRINT (W X D): 160-280 x 127-154 in  (4075-7100 x 3224-3924 mm)
OVERALL SYSTEM WEIGHT: 5512-6614 lb (2500-3000 kg)


  • HyperFill® twin-wire MIG solution
  • Power Wave® power source
  • AutoDrive® wire feeder
  • Magnum® PRO robotic torch
  • Headstock/tailstock positioner
  • Welding robot with heavy fabrication software
  • Robotic torch cleaning system
  • Solid metal panel walls
  • Advanced touch screen control panel
  • Robotic training (3 days)


  • Fume extraction hood and system
  • Tooling and frame systems
  • Skyhook positioner
  • Drop center positioner
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*HyperFill Activation Capability with Power Wave® and PIPEFAB™ Systems - Your purchase of a Lincoln Power Wave or PIPEFAB Welding System comes with (i) a license to use Lincoln Electric standard Power Wave / PIPEFAB waveforms, and (ii) HyperFill® waveform capability, which requires a separate license. Without the separate license, the HyperFill® waveforms are not available for use on these machines, and only the standard Power Wave / PIPEFAB waveforms are usable.