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Fab-Pak® XHS

H-Frame System

The Fab-Pak® XHS is pre-engineered to handle high manufacturing volumes and demands for enhanced welding fabrication quality, consistency and reliability. The Fab-Pak XHS is a dual-zone standard robotic welding cell with a center- or rear-mounted robot on an H-Frame positioner.

Each zone contains a headstock, which is used for reorientation of small- to medium-sized parts. Other features of this robotic welding cell include a smaller arm and the ability to rotate the H-Frame positioner 180 degrees for a single load/unload access point. The end result is a system that uses less valuable floor space to increase production.

  • Enhance part production by improving productivity, quality and safety
  • Dual zone with a center- or rear-mounted robot on an H-Frame positioner
  • 180-degree rotation for single load/unload access point
  • Smaller arm and system footprint produces higher throughput rates
  • Optimized to maximize the work envelope of the robot

Examples of Manufactured Parts:

  • Agricultural Equipment: augers
  • Recreational Vehicles: cart frame, RV hitches and components
  • Miscellaneous: office furniture, door/window frames, water heaters

Watch the Fab-Pak® XHS Center Mounted System 360-Degree Overview:


Watch the Fab-Pak® XHS Rear Mounted System 360-Degree Overview:

Center Mount: 

SWEEP: 40 – 48 in (1015 – 1220 mm)
SPAN: 48 – 108 in (1220 – 2743 mm)
CAPACITY PER SIDE: 1600 – 2200 lb (725 – 1000 kg)
OVERALL FOOTPRINT (W X D): 195-210 x 175-225 in (4953-5334 x 4445-5715 mm)
OVERALL SYSTEM WEIGHT: 5512 lb (2500 kg)


Rear Mount: 

SWEEP: 35 – 59 in (900 – 1500 mm)
SPAN: 39 – 118 in (1000 – 3000 mm)
CAPACITY PER SIDE: 550 – 2200 lb (250 – 1000 kg)
OVERALL FOOTPRINT (W X D): 112-195 x 227-295 in (2843-4943 x 5759-7501 mm)
OVERALL SYSTEM WEIGHT: 9921 lb (1215 kg)


  • Power Wave® power source
  • AutoDrive® wire feeder
  • Magnum® PRO robotic torch
  • H-Frame positioner
  • Welding robot
  • Robot basic software package
  • Wire mesh panels with weld curtains
  • Push button control
  • Training (3 days)


  • Fume extraction hood and system
  • Tooling
  • Additional robot arm
  • Fab-Pak® Cell Control
  • Robotic torch cleaning station

Center Mount:

Rear Mount:

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