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FabMate S

Industrial-Grade Robotic Cell Designed for Small Parts Fabrication

For manufacturers who need to make fixed horizontal welds on parts that do not need to be turned or tilted, the FabMate S offers robotic consistency at an economical, entry-level price.

Accelerate throughput on this compact, easy-to-install, pre-configured robotic arc welding solution and take productivity and profits in a positive direction.

Easy to Operate – Intuitive controls make it easy to train staff

Low-Cost – Affordable to incorporate automation into production

Improved Savings & Weld Quality – Save on labor and material waste

• Everything you need to start welding robotically

• Lower investment

• Quick delivery and setup time

• Palletized base with small footprint

• Reliable and consistent production

• Compliant with safety requirements

• Easy to use

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Robotic System Specifications

Dimensions H x W x L – in. (mm)

92 x 86 x 67.24 (2336.8 x 2184 x 1701.8)

Workzone Dimensions H x L – in. (mm)

56 x 43 (1422 x 1092)

Weight – lb (kg)

1000 lb. (453.5 kg)

Maximum Payload – lb (kg)

26.4 (12)


FabMate S/Magnum® PRO Air Cooled Torch


FabMate S/Magnum® PRO Water Cooled Torch


FabMate S/Magnum® PRO Air Cooled Torch with Aux


FabMate S/Magnum® PRO Water Cooled Torch with Aux

Exclusive use of FANUC® robots

Power Wave® R450 power source

AutoDrive® 4R220 wire feeder

Magnum® PRO robotic torch

Integrated safety measures in system and software


Options for Added Performance:


FANUC Positioner

Rotates parts to make more complicated welds

Power REAM® II

Reduces spatter accumulation to improve welding performance

Thru-Arc Seam Tracking

Automatically adjusts the robot’s vertical and lateral trajectory to compensate for part warping or misplacement

Touch Sensing

Uses the welding electrode, nozzle or other sensing pointer to make automatic adjustments to the entire weld path before arc start

Fume Extraction Hood and System

For automation and robotic welding support air quality in advanced welding applications

Single Point Power Disconnect Panel

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