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Increase Usable Deposition Rates Up to


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Bigger Welds– Faster, Easier.

Increase Usable Deposition Rates Up to


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Maximize Your Deposition Rates with the HyperFill® Fab-Pak®

How does the revolutionary HyperFill Fab-Pak from Lincoln Electric help more heavy fabrication operations increase part throughput and quality while lowering production costs?

The secret lies in HyperFill’s twin-wire MIG torch, coupled with the Power Wave® power source, the wave form and welding wire, the solution delivers a wider, smoother arc cone that allows for higher deposition rates than other commonly used single-wire methods of welding automation. The result is a controlled weld that can easily be repeated on thicker metals at exceptionally fast rates. When attached to Lincoln Electric’s Fab-Pak line of pre-engineered robotic welding cells, deposition rates rise above 24 pounds per hour* with more consistent results for around-the-clock applications.

*Results achieved with a Power Wave S700

Address Skilled Labor Shortage
Higher Deposition Rate
Increase Productivity
Increase Production Efficiency
FROM 20 - 85%

Studies have shown usable deposition rates for a HyperFill Fab-Pak are 24 lbs/hr* – compared to 13 lbs/hr for manual, single-wire applications and 20 lbs/hr for a manual HyperFill.*

*Tests run on a 12-inch weld with a 5/16-inch weld size. Results achieved with a Power Wave S700


12 inch weld
5/16” weld Size

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Several Variations Available
HyperFill Fab-Pak
Drop Center
HyperFill Fab-Pak
Sky Hook
*HyperFill Activation Capability with Power Wave® and PIPEFAB™ Systems - Your purchase of a Lincoln Power Wave or PIPEFAB Welding System comes with (i) a license to use Lincoln Electric standard Power Wave / PIPEFAB waveforms, and (ii) HyperFill® waveform capability, which requires a separate license. Without the separate license, the HyperFill® waveforms are not available for use on these machines, and only the standard Power Wave / PIPEFAB waveforms are usable.