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Pro-Pak® FHS-S2S

Dual Station System

The Pro-Pak® FHS-S2S is a pre-engineered robotic welding cell designed to provide auto manufacturers with a high degree of flexibility. The system allows  for one operator to tend to two stations, making it a versatile asset on the production floor.

With the capability to easily handle changes in output while minimizing floor space, this robotic welding cell promotes long-term cost savings.

  • Easy integration with most major robot manufacturers
  • Solid panel safety enclosure allows for more efficient fume extraction
  • Modular platform base minimizes installation time
  • Weld ground isolation reduces risk of electrical damage to the positioner or robot controller
  • Robotic positioners are designed for maximum static and dynamic stiffness, reducing air-cut speeds
  • Engineered for high-duty use cycles
  • More consistent weld quality
  • Simplified cable management
  • Weld controller integration
  • Multiple supplier options
  • Ease of installation
  • Seamless re-deployment
  • Compact footprint
  • ANSI/RIA compliant

Watch the Pro-Pak® FHS Side-to-Side System 360-Degree Overview:

  • Power Wave® i400 power source
  • AutoDrive® wire feeder
  • Magnum® PRO robotic weld gun 
  • Two headstock positioners, tilt/rotate positioners, or customer supplied static tables
  • Single robot configuration
  • Robotic arm with controller
  •  Arc welding dress-out kit
  • Modular platform base
  • Manual operator station
  • Solid panel safety enclosure


  • HMI/PLC Packages
  • Power Wave® R450 power source
  • Power REAM® torch maintenance station
  • Operator convenience package
  • High-voltage power distribution panel
  • Contact tip change box
  • Weld shielding gas delivery package
  • Pneumatic distribution station
  • Weld wire pay-off package
  • Fume extraction hood
  • Fume extraction system
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