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Pro-Pak® FHS-SS

Single Station System

The Pro-Pak® FHS-SS is designed to address the demand for increased automotive manufacturing throughput and the need for a higher quality, safer and more reliable end-product. This single station automated robotic arc welding cell can be configured with a variety of positioning equipment or static tables for greater application flexibility and can easily be installed or transported as an entire cell.

Reduce the error rates, bottlenecks and other problems that cause unplanned downtime and increase the productivity and flexibility needed to streamline processes and maximize profits with the Pro-Pak FHS-SS.

  • Easy integration with most major robot manufacturers
  • Solid panel safety enclosure allows for more efficient fume extraction
  • Modular platform base minimizes installation time
  • Weld ground isolation reduces risk of electrical damage to the positioner or robot controller
  • Robotic positioners are designed for maximum static and dynamic stiffness, reducing air-cut speeds
  • Engineered for high-duty use cycles
  • Higher weld consistency and quality
  • Simplified cable management
  • Weld controller integration
  • Multiple supplier options
  • Ease of installation
  • Seamless re-deployment
  • Compact footprint
  • ANSI/RIA compliant

Watch the Pro-Pak® FHS Single Station System 360-Degree Overview:

  • Power Wave® i400 power source
  • AutoDrive® wire feeder
  • Magnum® PRO robotic weld gun
  • Headstock/tailstock or tilt/rotate positioner; or customer-supplied static tables
  • Single or dual robot configuration
  • Robotic arm with controller
  • Arc welding dress-out kit
  • Manual operator station
  • Solid panel safety enclosure


  • HMI/PLC packages
  • Power Wave® R450 power source
  • Power REAM® torch maintenance station
  • Operator convenience package
  • High-voltage power distribution panel
  • Contact tip change box
  • Weld shielding gas delivery package
  • Pneumatic delivery package
  • Weld wire pay-off package
  • Fume extraction hood
  • Fume extraction system
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